Targeted Small Business Application

Welcome to the Targeted Small Business (TSB) certification web site. Iowa Economic Development Authority certifies businesses owned, operated, and actively managed by women, minority persons, and individuals with disabilities or service-connected disabled veterans as targeted small businesses. State purchasing officers consider TSBs when seeking bids for state-purchased goods and services.

TSB Pre-Qualification Survey

Please answer the following pre-screening questions to determine your eligibility for Targeted Small Business certification. To learn more about each of the qualifying categories below, click HERE.  Once eligibility is determined, you will be prompted to create a login profile and begin the application process.

Is your primary business location in Iowa? (The location can be your home or your office)
Are you operating for a profit?
Has your business had an annual gross income of less than $4 million computed as an average of the three preceding fiscal years (Gross income means the total sales less the cost of goods sold, plus and income from investments and from incidentals or outside operations or sources.)?
Is 51% of the business ownership held by one of the following Targeted Group Persons? (Can be held by more than one individual to make up 51% of ownership by Targeted Group Persons)

If ownership is held by a minority person, as defined by Iowa Code section 15.102.10.b(3), of which group is the owner considered a member:

Pre-Qualification Results

Based on your responses to the TSB pre-qualification survey, you are eligible to apply for TSB certification. To start the certification application process, please create a user account by clicking on the “Register” button below to build your company’s profile and fill out a TSB application.  If you would like to request that an application be e-mailed to you, please see the TSB Certification Project Manager contact information below.


Pre-Qualification Results

Based on your responses to the TSB pre-qualification survey, it does not appear that you qualify as a TSB at this time. Please direct any questions to the TSB Administrator at 515-348-6193 or

For additional small business resources, please visit the State of Iowa’s one-stop shop for all small business needs:

Additional resources available through this web site include links to small business-related sites and the Department's administrative rules governing the certification process. Individuals with questions about the certification process should contact the Department's Targeted Small Business Certification Program at 515-348-6193, or send an e-mail to TSB Certification Project Manager,